Used Car Stock & Sales Metrics

There are several key metrics which need to be monitored to maximise profitability and ensure efficiency in running a used car operation. Here are some of the key ones. Stock Units Calculation: Count of all individual vehicles in the dealership’s inventory. Importance: This gives a clear picture of inventory size, which is crucial for managing […]

Infographic: Exploring Trends and Insights in the UAE Automotive Market in 2023 and Beyond


The UAE’s automotive market reflects a unique blend of diverse consumer preferences, economic factors, and industry trends. Understanding the dynamics of this market is important for both industry professionals and consumers looking to navigate the landscape effectively. As MENA’s leading automotive data platform headquartered in Dubai, AlgoDriven finds itself at the forefront of unravelling the […]

Vehicle Appraisal With AlgoDriven Dubai

Dubai, known for its luxury cars and a thriving automobile market, offers numerous opportunities for both buyers and sellers of used cars. However, whether you’re looking to sell your old vehicle or buy a used car, one of the crucial steps in the process is determining its value. Used car valuation in Dubai is essential […]

Are Manual Transmission Cars Disappearing in the UAE Used Car Market?

In the UAE used car market, a noticeable trend has emerged – the decline of manual transmission cars. Despite accounting for a mere 3% of the total used cars in the region by October 2023, this figure is part of a broader 5-year range fluctuating between 2.6% and 7%. While this represents a decline from […]

Maximizing Profits with Accurate Car Valuations

Used Cars

Within the automotive industry, precise car valuations are essential for success, particularly for car dealerships aiming to optimize profits. To begin with, establishing the exact value of a vehicle is critical for effective pricing strategies. Moreover, it impacts multiple facets of the business, spanning from inventory management to ensuring customer satisfaction. In this blog post, […]